Stop listening to the talking heads! I used to listen to talk radio whenever I drove around town. I liked the shows I listened to and often agreed with what was being said, but I noticed that I started getting “worked up” and not always in a good way. As I listened I would become frustrated, concerned, or down right angry and it usually wasn’t productive.

We as a country are subjected to a consistent barrage of bad news. The media is continuously reminding us that crime is on the rise, jobs are on the decline, the economy is falling and financial ruin seems eminent. It seems you cannot turn on the radio or TV without some news program predicting doom and gloom. Then should you change the station you are often confronted with the blatant evidence of society’s moral decline.

If we fill our lives with fret over money, work, politics, moral decay, crime, etc. then how can we be enthusiastic and optimistic about the future? How can we have the energy needed to be our best and realize our potential?

Don’t let news, media, gossip or even good intended naysayers dampen your spirit. I am not saying that you should be naive or uninformed regarding the events of the day, but we should protect ourselves from the cynicism of the world and others, including those we know and are closest to.

We need to build a buffer against the negative of the world. We should not only protect ourselves but be a source of inspiration and hope for all we come in contact with. Remember the old saying, obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the goal. An attitude of optimism will inspire hope and a spirit of ease and calm reassurance to you and others around you. It will help you to see the beauty of each day and the opportunity of each new obstacle.

So the next time you feel yourself getting uptight, check your surroundings, and if the radio or TV is spewing more doom and gloom or someone is complaining about things in his/her life then maybe you should kill the messenger. Shut them down by pointing out all that is good about a situation. If that does not work leave the situation, turn off the radio or TV and focus on the good in life.

We live in the greatest country in the world. We not only work to provide opportunity for ourselves but for the world community as well. We provide aid in the form of food, money and compassionate support all over the globe. There is so much good we can focus on, why let our time and energy be taken up by those that would bring us down? Go out and make someone happy. Start with yourself!