Want to be More Productive? Start by Doing Less!

As I have spoken to and provided training for top professionals and executives around the country, I have noticed how many people take a certain pride in their ability to multitask. To some it’s like and Olympic event to see how many things they can do at once. To me it’s more like those guys […]

It’s Not What You Do but How You Do It That Matters

Everyday we hear on the news about another scam, some wealthy CEO that cheats his company, a Wall Street mogul that bilks the public for millions or a politician that abuses his power and destroyes the publics trust. It seems that values taught by their parents no longer apply to them as adults. That’s why […]

Can You See Their Vision?

When I talk to professionals around the country I often will ask them to explain to me what they do for a living. What product or service they provide to the public. I am surprised at how often they don’t understand what they are really offering their customers/clients. Too often we think that we are […]

Finding Peace of Mind, of Heart, of Self

The story is told of a man who lived in a small village and each day he would go out in his little boat to fish. He would fish until he caught two fish, one for his family to eat and the other to sell so he could buy the other things his family needed. […]