When you talk with some people about things like the Law of Attraction, or the Power of Faith, or the advantages of having a positive mental attitude they often dismiss the idea as hocus pocus or mental mumbo jumbo. They say things like “it was just coincidence that you got what you have been wanting and focusing on” or “you were lucky, that’s all.” Okay, it was luck or coincidence, but it worked! You invested your energy and were successful at getting the desired result. What difference does it make what you call it?

My point is that not believing, being negative, distrustful, skeptical or outright antagonistic won’t result in getting what you want (though they are getting exactly what they believe they will get, which is nothing). But believing, trying accepting, being open to an idea whatever you call it, may. So why not play the odds? If not believing and being negative results in nothing positive what’s the point? ┬áIf being open to an idea lets you realize certain positive “coincidences” then why wouldn’t that be a better approach?

Don’t be to quick to dismiss something you don’t understand. Truth is independent and constant. It does not need us to believe it to be true. Opportunity is all around us and sometimes believing is enough to let you see it and take the action needed to get what you want. There’s nothing mystical in that, but it does take being open enough to see the opportunities. So don’t be so quick to dismiss ideas you may not understand. Believing can provide possibilities that those being negative will never see.